Robotic Coding With LEGO EV3


We want to create a high quality of learning environment which encourages raising individuals who have the 21st century skills,
productive and who can make positive contributions to economic growth and increase in the welfare. Thanks to the activities with Lego sets,
we intend to gain students the encouraging and permanent skills that Europe needs such as problem solving, adapting a solution to a problem
to new situations, collaboration and team work, openness to new ideas and developing them, designing the abstract ideas via concrete materials
and featuring the activities of creativity in the designing stage.

We want to inspire tomorrow’s creators and enhance early learning in coding, provide digital skills consistent with new labor markets,
develop students’ observation, thinking, programming, communication and research skills and get creative by combining learning and fun,
increase student knowledge and skills in the fields of linguistic skills and STEM, encourage the exchange of information between European students,
use innovative teaching methods, new information and communication technologies, reduce early school leaving by offering motivational education.

Children will come in contact with culture of other countries and will understand the diversity, thereby strengthening their European identity.

Regarding the teachers:
share experiences and learning with other teachers of partner schools,
increase the knowledge and skills of teachers in the use of STEM methods in education, collaborate with other European teachers and students,
create new ideas of technological products that will facilitate life.

Teachers will create new learning educational environments more attractive for children by the use of new equipment ( tablets, robots, Lego robotics in their school), exchange best practices for STEM education, ICT tools, innovative methods and work on innovative applications.

Concrete results:
The participants will have information about European cultures be familiar with the physical and emotional needs of different type of individuals have opportunities
of social skills while interacting with each other which will promote self-confidence, cooperation skills and inspire acceptance

-dissemination platforms and tools (twinspace,website,logo,surveys,projectcorners,contact with local
-school events to showcase our work
-online and hand-made posters using ICT, arts to display at school
-PPT and innovative presentations
Teachers and students will increase level of digital competence and be motivated to participate.The staff will improve their teaching skills,experiences and implementations by means of the new competences they will have.
We will have such products as pocket calendar, journal, videos, a logo, slide shows, digital albums, e-book of project.
Regarding the European priorities,
All participants have greater understanding and responsiveness to social,linguistic and cultural diversity and more positive attitude towards EU communities.