Techno logic key to our future


About the project
The coordinating school – Poland will:

  • monitor the implementation of planned activities
  • keep in touch with partners
  • delegate tasks to specific partners
  • take care of a good atmosphere of cooperation
  • help in difficult situations, solve problems
  • be responsible for submitting reports
  • prepare a project evaluation project
  • develop and analyze the assessment of the survey regarding the expectations and estimated results of the project
  • organize training “Coding – key to the future”
  • dissemination of results on the platform of Erasmus + projects
    Portuguese partner will:
  • organize the training “Graphic programs – key to the future”
  • prepare teaching materials from the training
  • prepare a show lesson using graphics programs
  • oversee the international graphic competition “Our dream, school, city, country”
  • create an album with project photos
    Austrian partner will:
  • organize the training “Logical thinking – key to the future”
  • prepare a show lesson on logical thinking
  • prepare teaching materials from the training
  • create a project calendar with students work
  • prepare an information brochure on the project for the lead authorities
  • be responsible for writing “a funny story”
    Estonian partner will:
  • organize the training “3D technology – key to the future”
  • have substantive supervision over the whole project
  • oversee the international competition, write competition rules for the model of the dream city
  • be responsible for the project’s website and dissemination of the project on the internet
    Croatian partner will:
  • organize the training “Scratch – key to the future”
  • prepare teaching materials from the training
  • prepare a show lesson – prepare STEAM demonstration classes
  • create and lead a project blog, it will be updated on a regular basis
  • create an e-herbarium
  • develop materials for the press
  • be responsible for the cooperation of the entire group on the eTwinning platform and dissemination project via the eTwinning platform
    Italian partner will:
  • organize the “Engineering – key to the future” training during mobility
  • prepare teaching materials from the training
  • prepare a demonstrative lesson on engineering
  • create a dictionary of computer terms

All partners will work as a team, so some activities will be the same for all:

  • creation of task groups consisting of various social groups
  • maintaining constant contact with the coordinator and the rest of the group
  • obeying deadlines
  • creation of an area for presentation of project works (Erasmus + corner)
  • establishing correspondence between students
  • preparing exhibitions
  • active participation in trainings
  • updating the blog
  • contacts on the eTwining platform

P1 9.2019 Creating and recording in English an advertisement of each country. Taking into account the position, interesting places, monuments, important people, typical dishes and interesting customs
P3 10.2019 choosing and gathering the most popular and simple games from each country – preparation for training in Poland.
C1 10.2019 Coding – key to the future –teachers training in Poland
P3 11.2019 Coding simple games for children pictographically or by computer. Sending encoded games to partners. Decoding and playing selected games.
P4 12.2019 Making e – Christmas cards with movement and music elements
C2 1.2020 Graphic programs – key to the future – teachers training in Portugal
P5 2.2020 Taking pictures of classes, schools and cities using new technologies: smartphones, tablets or drones. Sending selected photos to partners. Getting to know graphic programs enabling photo processing (cutting, copying, drawing, etc.) Changing selected pictures by adding own elements or transfer of fragments of partners’ photos – mixing photography. International competition for the most interesting collage about Our dream classroom, our dream school and our dream city on etwinning platform.
P6 3.2020 Creating e-herbarium on the etwinning platform in which successively after each visit students will put pictures of flora of partner countries
P7 4.2020 Graphic design of the photo album with the most interesting places in partner countries.
C3 05. 2020 Logical thinking – key to the future – teachers training in Austria
P8 05.2020 Writing a funny story for selected photos from all countries. Each partner writes a fragment of a story
P9 06.2020 Creating riddles and puzzles about countries partner. Sending them to the partners. Solving riddles – international tournament during the videoconference on the etwinning platform
P10 09.2020 Building with creative blocks, serving instructions
C4 10.2020 Scratch – key to the future – teachers training in Croatia
P11 11.2020 Learning programming – workshops for students. Programming of simple robots
P12 01.2021 Designing a robot. Planning construction stages, writing instructions, recording instructional video. Sending instructions to partners. Building robots according to instructions sent by partners. Comparison of created robots on the eTwining platform.
C5 02.2021 3D technology – key to the future – teachers training for teachers in Estonia
P13 03.2021 Learning programming and using a 3D printer. Writing a printing program to selected items. Printing of selected items in a 3D printer
P14 04.2021 Printing of historical buildings. Designing buildings of the future. Creating a model of a future city from elements printed in 3D.
C6 05.2021 Engineering – key to the future – teachers training in Italy
P15 05.2021 Building a bridge – the symbol of the community of all people and countries.